Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Statewide Dam Engineering Services

During the last five years, GZA has provided a wide array of dam engineering services to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). GZA has assisted both the DCR Office of Dam Safety in its capacity as the agency charged with implementing state dam safety regulation and the DCR Dam Maintenance Program in its capacity as owner of more than 250 dams statewide.

GZA has worked with the DCR Office of Dam Safety to provide both routine and emergency inspection services at dams located throughout the state. During several recent major storm events, GZA engineers have responded to emergency calls to provide real-time inspection and expedited incident response consulting. In October of 2005, GZA engineers inspected 26 at-risk dams in two days, provided emergency consulting at a number of dams (including one which was a national news story), and appeared on statewide television with the DCR Commissioner. GZA engineers were called upon again in 2006 and 2007 to respond to potentially at-risk dams during storm events. GZA has also assisted the Office of Dam Safety in developing action plans for poor and unsafe condition dams and interfacing with dam owners and the public in communities where dam safety issues have been identified.

GZA has worked with the DCR Dam Maintenance Program to inspect, evaluate, and repair numerous state-owned dams. GZA has historically assisted DCR (under its previous incarnations as the Dept. of Environmental Management and Metropolitan District Commission) with dam inspection. In 2006, in response to a change in state dam safety regulations, GZA inspected over 60 state-owned embankment and gravity dams. In 2007, GZA was awarded a contract to develop Emergency Action Plans for 15 High Hazard dams. GZA has also served as design and construction engineer for a number of high profile DCR dam rehabilitation projects. These include Whitehall Reservoir Dam, Buckley-Dunton Lake Dam, Unionville Pond Dam, Ponkapoag Pond Dam, Centennial Dam, Upper Mystic Lake Dam, and others. GZA’s role in these projects included deficiency verification, conceptual design, final design, environmental studies, permit applications, public outreach, bidding assistance, construction oversight, and project closeout.