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Since 1986 New England Bioassay, a Division of GZA GeoEnvironmental, has been one of the leading ecological and whole effluent toxicity testing laboratories in the Northeast. Our laboratory is located in Manchester, Connecticut and provides services to more than 150 active industrial, municipal, environmental engineering, and risk assessment clients nationwide. New England Bioassay routinely performs screening, acute and chronic toxicity tests with both freshwater and marine vertebrates and invertebrates for discharges including processed wastewaters, stormwaters, non-contact cooling waters and groundwaters. For facilities that are experiencing difficulty in controlling effluent toxicity, we provide toxicity identification (TIE) and toxicity reduction (TRE) evaluations. NEB also assesses the potential impact of new products/process lines on effluent toxicity by performing toxicological analyses on “simulated” effluent samples prepared in the laboratory.    In addition, NEB provides ecological testing of soil and sediments.  A variety of tests are used to evaluate sediment contamination with the specific methodology depending upon the sediment phase evaluated [whole sediment (solid-phase tests), suspended sediments, elutriates, pore water and sediment extracts].

Our laboratory is widely known and is well regarded by state environmental regulatory agencies and the U.S. EPA. We have consistently earned high ratings on our protocols submitted as a participant in the WET Testing portion of EPA’s annual Discharge Monitoring Report Quality Assurance Performance Evaluation Program. NEB is also NELAC (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference) certified to perform aquatic toxicity testing in the state of New Jersey. These technical credentials are backed with outstanding technical support and a philosophy of proactive customer service provided by a knowledgeable and responsive team. We pride ourselves on providing all of our reports, including toxicity evaluations in timelines compliant with both our clients business and regulatory needs.

New England Bioassay (NEB) a Division of GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc. is pleased to announce their Lab Quality Assurance plan (LQAP) has been validated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) New England District for sediment toxicity testing.  All labs submitting test data to the New England District in connection with the USACE dredging program must have an approved LQAP on file that meets the requirements of EPA’s Regional Implementation Manual (RIM).  NEB has been performing high quality sediment testing for our clients for over 25 years and is now among the select few labs in the United States validated to perform sediment toxicity testing for the USACE.  NEB will immediately be able to provide sediment testing services to clients in the field of dredging and marine engineering who require this validation for USACE projects.

NEB is now NH ELAP certified, which allows us to extend and do work in all states that require certification. See attachment below for more information.

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