Policy Paper No. 5 of 5 - "Comprehensive Regulatory Control and Oversight of Industrial Sand (Frac Sand) Mining"

Mark Krumenacher and Isaac Orr

Every aspect of industrial sand mining is regulated by more than 20,000 pages of federal, state, or local government laws and ordinances that combine to form a comprehensive regulatory framework established to protect human and environmental health from the potential impacts of all industrial activities, including industrial sand mining.  This comprehensive regulatory structure is designed to protect the health and welfare of the environment, the general public, and people working at industrial sand operations.  Critics of industrial sand mining claim it is an unregulated industry allowed to run roughshod over local communities, harming the environment and endangering public health. That myth is laid to rest in this paper which describes federal, state, and local regulations applicable to industrial sand operations and provides concrete examples of the complex overlapping regulatory oversight of industrial sand operations.  This study is the fifth in a series; the others address the environmental, economic, roadway, and social impacts of industrial sand mining.  READ ARTICLE