GZA Awards Grant to "Hope Without Borders"

As part of the 2014 Shareholders Grant Program, a grant was awarded to:

John Osborne (GZA Waukesha, WI) for his work with Hope without Borders (HWB).  Hope Without Borders-International (HWB-INTL)  is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit volunteer humanitarian non-governmental organization based in the Midwest USA with a focus on global, regional & local community relief & development impact & outreach.  HWB’s mission is to empower & mobilize capabilities within individuals & communities who are in need to deploy locally-based globally-connected appropriate-technology solutions involving engineering, medical, business & education to improve quality of life & alleviate poverty, suffering & injustice.  Its primary focus has been on solving water supply, sanitation and medical needs in East Africa.  The monies contributed by GZA will go toward the start-up costs related to the project for the rural communities around Garissa, Africa, that will be the target for water well installation.  The initial well is planned for the medical clinic operated by Sheepfold where the need for water quality and quantity are in high demand.