Civil Dynamics, a Division of GZA

A regional leader in specialty dam engineering consulting, Civil Dynamics (CD), a division of GZA, will operate out of GZA’s Fairfield, New Jersey office.  

CD provides dam engineering, inspection and maintenance, civil engineering, construction phase services, and other related services for public and private water suppliers, lake communities, and hydropower clients.   Read the Full Press Release

CD was originally founded in 1985, specializing in hydraulic testing for municipalities, governmental agencies, commissions, and private sector companies and has since broadened the capability of the firm to include hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, design, and rehabilitation of civil works.

CD began conducting the specialized services associated with dam engineering in response to the needs of dam owners and has conducted literally hundreds of inspections, hydrologic and hydraulic studies, design alternative analyses, final designs, and emergency action plans for dams.

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