Mustard Seed Missions

It’s been nearly a decade since Paul Davis, an environmental scientist with GZA, and his wife Jan made their first trip to Haiti as part of a team devoted to addressing the health and living conditions of the Haitian people. That desire ultimately led to the formation of Mustard Seed Missions (MSM), a non-profit public charity that seeks to serve the poor in Haiti.

This calling has been answered by remarkable results. Since its inception, MSM has brought medical teams throughout Haiti – from the coastal city of Les Cayes to the mountain village of Platon – setting up medical clinics that daily serve upwards of 200 patients, serving about 800 patients over the course of a week. Those whose conditions are severe are transported to a city hospital, with expenses borne by MSM.

Paul and Jan Davis, the president and secretary/treasurer respectively of MSM, have returned to Les Cayes and the surrounding area several times a year since 2002 to offer continuity of primary medical treatment to Haitians who otherwise could not afford health care.

Working with its Haitian counterpart – Mustard Seed Haiti – MSM has also worked to improve environmental conditions within the remote rural villages of the impoverished country. Currently, the organization’s Rain on the Roof project has assessed nearly 100 homes in the mountain village of Platon, and has initiated roof replacement and rooftop rain-collection systems, families with new roofs, the community with an improved water supply, and providing local Haitian workers with employment.

Most recently, MSM has been providing health education about cholera, meeting with community leaders in Kayman, Dibray, Duperon, and Platon to impart the necessary training to identify, control, prevent and treat the diseases within their villages before they reach acute levels.

Paul and Jan have also just been appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees of a Haitian university in Les Cayes, where they have intermittently taught over the past four years, to help improve the educational program and opportunities for agricultural, environmental, and engineering students.

GZA is proud to support Mustard Seed Missions and the important work that colleague Paul Davis and members of this remarkable organization perform in the name of good stewardship.    MORE INFORMATION on Mustard Seed Missions>