Architects / Engineers

The “Built Environment” today has enormous significance to our nature and quality of life. It touches each one of us almost at every moment of our awareness; when we travel, work, and otherwise enjoy our surroundings. Whether we are traveling by mass transit or on a highway or an airplane, or when we are in a building of any variety, or simply turning on a light switch, there very likely were environmental and geotechnical engineering components to the structure supporting the structure at hand. You will very often determine that these were GZA projects. Working very closely with architects and engineers, GZA has made very significant contributions necessary to build the facilities we very often take for granted. But they would never be built and be built properly without the high quality services we offer.

For over 40 years, GZA has been supporting architects and engineers with our environmental and geotechnical engineering services. GZA’s diversity of integrated services encompasses many necessary subsets of specialization, often invaluable to the success of projects. A hallmark of our work is team spirit, excellent communications and project delivery, cost-effective and constructible designs, and satisfied clients.