GZA understands the importance of providing our clients with high-quality responsible advocacy.

Lawyers rely on GZA for expertise relating to complex environmental and geotechnical issues in real estate transactions, brownfields redevelopment, and water-related development, and for providing technical multi-media compliance assistance and technical advocacy in support of private litigation and government enforcement actions. Attorneys we work with appreciate our diversity of skills in environmental science, engineering, and construction-related services. We provide a combination of technical expertise and pragmatic problem-solving experience in developing strategies to help clients achieve their business and legal compliance objectives. We work to provide the right information for informed business decisions and to help your clients proactively manage risks.

These services include:

  • A full range of litigation and mediation support services, up to and including court testimony
  • Environmental, geotechnical, and construction claim analysis for both public and private entities
  • Environmental, health and safety and multi-media regulatory compliance analysis and permitting
  • Toxic tort litigation support, including exposure dose reconstruction assessment
  • Environmental and property condition due diligence
  • Land use and entitlement, natural resources planning, and siting and permitting analysis
  • Energy and water utility siting and permitting
  • Real estate acquisitions, dispositions, and development
  • Human health and ecological risk analysis
  • Climate change vulnerability analysis for sustainable development

We support the needs of your clients as engineers, scientists, consultants, and construction managers by working through you or working directly for your client. We are here to help as an active member of your team.